Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Updates since 2011...

I started this blog with good intentions. I have several blog postings that I have never posted as they are not yet finished. I intend to one day complete and potentially publish those postings. It is a rite of passage to have a blog. Everyone seems to have had one at one point and then forget about it. Unlike Twitter, I do not have plans to delete this blog. I have very few page views = 107 total and I could bet that they are all from me at one point, from two years ago. Lol.

In the two years a lot has changed and oh boy, have I struggled. I have hit rock bottom for various reasons including the loss of several relatives, another one passed away yesterday. This has contributed to my mental health struggles. Some people have beaten me down and treated like dirt but somehow I have persevered.   I have changed a lot in my life including the way I think. Reading some of my entries from two years ago is enlightening as I have forgotten a lot about myself and who I used to be. I am all about evolving but sometimes it can be refreshing to embrace old habits that worked.

I have forgotten how to write in the past two years... Forming simple sentences for academic purposes has become excruciating. Hopefully, by use of this blog and other aids will spark my interested in writing again. With so much struggle there have been some accomplishments and good times. I had lost my ability to remain positive in situations. No matter the outcome I always had the ability to remain strong. I can feel that quality coming back.

And a fabulous update in relation to my screen name, for Christmas (2013) this year I got a shower radio! I used it tonight for the first time and it works wonderfully. Now I want to take long showers even though I value water as a resource.

This is a rather concise reflection the last two years. Eventually I will write more.

Until next time,

The author of this blog.