Monday, 31 October 2011

My Exam Songs

Each exam period I get addicted to a song and listen to it obsessively up until the point of the exam while I am cramming. I am writing this right now while cramming. But these songs have served as my crutch and have deeper meanings than the songs themselves. Good old music therapy. I highly recommend these songs as they have stood behind me in tough times. In the very least I can promote these songs as I owe them so much more.

Click each link below for the song mentioned.

1st year- Fall Term

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

1st Year- Winter Term

American Honey by Lady Antebellum

2nd Year- Fall Term

The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

2nd Year- Winter Term

Fly Over States by Jason Aldean

3rd Year- Fall Term

You Don't Know Jack- Luke Bryan 

Honorable Mentions:

Fast by Jason Aldean

The United States of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the Pop) by DJ Earthworm

How 'Bout Them Cowgirls by George Strait 

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Sometimes you have to splurge. Tonight I bought my all time favorite book Oh! The Place You'll Go- which I had for so long hoped that someone would buy it for me as gift. After waiting so long I realized no one was going to do that. I guess you just have to take care of yourself and just do what you have to do. Otherwise you'll be left behind in the dust.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Truths of Facebook

It says a lot about yourself when you have half of your graduating high school class blocked on Facebook.

Or is it supposed to be the other way around?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chicken and Waffles

I'm not a dreamer, and I'm not saying this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. I have to.” -Terry Fox 

An advertisement for IHOP just featured a chicken and waffles combo. Thus far I have not had the opportunity to sample those delicious flavors together in my mouth. Aside from that I know that chicken and waffles is a big food craze in the Southern United States. Being the average Canadian, that combination sounds like a unique and random creation but it captures my attention because it is the equivalent of my personality in food form as it is commonly misunderstood by other cultures of the world. 

For most of my adolescent years people would question my originality and inspiration that I would obtain from individuals or certain pieces shown in the media. This inspiration would come out in big spurts of energy or a statement delivered to others around me. These statements weren't always delivered well or understood by others mostly because the thoughts that I had weren't elaborated to the fullest extent.

One of my greatest examples of  miscommunication for my moments of inspiration happened in grade 7. All of the girls from my grade 7,8 class had a group counselling session weekly to work on self esteem and bullying. During a group exercise I raised my hand and provided the response to a question stating that "I feel like Terry Fox right now". My outburst about Terry Fox still remains an inside joke between my friends and I who witnessed the response. I cannot recall the question or the context that it was provided in but I had mentioned Terry because he is so inspiring and I ultimately felt like I could make a difference in that moment. I remember my classmates laughing at me which is understandable and had another classmate provided the same response I might have also chuckled a little too. To contrast between the IHOP waffles and my eccentricity, for the majority of my life I have felt misunderstood by others.

I realized that Terry Fox might have also felt like others misunderstood him because he had to endure so much pain and suffering at such a young age. Then he became an amputee which would be life-changing and next he wanted to run across the country. He probably had to convince a few loved ones of how much the run meant to him before he could go. But with all the difference he has made for Cancer research those doubting him were surely proved wrong.

For these reasons I think my quirkiness might be a barrier with others right now but someday (hopefully) people will recognize that my personality is a large part of who I am. Once I accomplish something remarkable with my life I might gain the respect I have long awaited for. 

Lastly, this post cannot be complete without this song! Consider this a tribute to Terry for the sacrifices he made for everyone. 

Love, the Waffle Maker 

Monday, 25 April 2011


The t-shirt I am currently wearing says "Find inspiration everywhere".
I enjoy moments where I am inspired. Generally in these moments I want to make a difference somehow.
So go and "Find inspiration everywhere", and see where it leads you. 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Future Garden

I am currently in the library completing participation questions for the term for my online Ecotourism course. I found this website to calculate my ecological footprint and a question asked me this: 
"Do you have a garden or share one to grow your own vegetables and herbs?" Firstly, this question scares me and got me thinking about the future. Additionally, I had a flashback to where I de-hibrinated a snake from the ground when I while I was doing some gardening in the early spring many years back. As badly as I want a garden in the future, I also don't want to have to deal with the consequence of snakes. 
Last summer I dealt with my fear of snakes by avoiding them and ran when I saw one. It sounds like a band-aid solution as well as a immature solution however, it is an improvement from what my fear was like when I began my summer job. I was so terrified and consumed by the fear of snakes that while driving the Mule (an ATV) I would swerve the trail while driving on the trail. Then after being confronted by my mangers I roughed out my fear by basically hiding all of my real feeling and blocked them out by pretending I didn't see them. Although, the fear of snakes has subsided it hasn't fully dissipated as of yet.
When dreaming about my future garden I should envision myself in a tranquil state of mind however I am fearful of the possible snakes. Messed? Yes!
The bottomline is that I spend a great deal of time planning for my future as well as envisioning it. However, maybe I am too realistic and know that snakes will one day enter my garden too as they do now. Until then I should enjoy life as best as I can and not be anxious about snakes in a garden I may or may not have in the future. I mean really....

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

My lease is up soon and I have begun to pack a few items at a time. Along with packing I am forced to reevalute the use value of all of my possessions because I am moving into a smaller space. I've even tackled my cupboard (singular because of lack of storage space in ghetto student housing) and dumped a lot of the contents into the compost bin. I can't wait to leave this cold basement. However, I will miss my colorful room that I painted yellow, turquoise, and magenta. Unfortunately, my landlord is making me paint over the wonderful colours. The next tenant will be bored stiff looking at the plain looking at the bare white walls with a few specks of light coming in from two little slits that are also referred to as windows.
The idea of painting my room came about because of sheer boredom. After moving out from home after this summer I forgot all of my lovely posters and had nothing to disguise the bland walls.
I don't don't know how I get myself into these things but deciding to paint your room two weeks into school is a difficult task to balance because of other time restraints related to academic deadlines. One night after coming home from the bar I opened a can of paint and painted until 5 am. During that time, I intoxicatedly lost my balance trying to squeeze in between my dresser and the wet yellow wall. Did I mention that I was only in my black underwear? That's right I now I have a black pair of panties with a yellow paint stripe across them.
Although, painting my bedroom was more of a daunting task than previously expected, it was a great opportunity to regain my independence after having a marvelous four months with my parents.
I'm almost dreading having to go buy paint that will eventually cover such the wonderful colours. It's like an ending to such a spectacular life as the colours filled my life with warmth this year. I will certainly grin and bare  painting but it will mark the ending of my school year leaving question of what next year will bring in my new apartment. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Need Some Shuteye

Hello World,

I want to move mountains, I want to be what people refer to as a mover and a shaker, I want to think outside the box and break boundaries set forth by others to discourage me and lastly I want to take risks.
I still haven't chosen my career path. I don't want to get lost trying to climb the corporate ladder. I hope I never forget that I said this. 

My first inspiration for moving mountains:
Kid, you’ll move mountains! So…be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray or Mordecai Ale Van Allen O’Shea, you’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting.So…get on your way!
-Dr. Suess, author of Oh! The Places You'll Go! 

My everlasting admiration for Dr. Suess will be described in further detail on future date 

Good night, 

Love the Mover and the Shaker 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My First Blog In Eons


This is my first blog since that MSNspaces dealio that was popular when I was in grade nine. I doubt anyone will read this but at least I can have a personal online diary so I don't forget important memories. Currently it is 1:52 am of March 23 and should probably be in bed. Honestly what else should a girl be doing at this hour? I have been working on school work on and off for the last few hours but it must have been a calling from the universe that I have indeed found this website.
This already feels like a freeing and satisfying pastime and most likely will end up becoming a hobby of mine. Here is my plan for this post: I am not going to edit this one like I probably, normally would. I set up this blog thinger majiger so quickly that I have made it a mockery to legitimate and serious bloggers. I do not have a defined thesis or purpose to this blog but hey I will get better (maybe). I simply want to dive into this experiment head first and see where I end up. I don't have much of an opportunity to creatively write except when I am using some form of social networking. That counts right? FAIL.
To anyone of the the academic world I apologize for this mess in advance and maybe you should go read a copy of the New York Times because this rambling mess of a blog doesn't have a clear direction. However, if I continue to use this method of communication to post things maybe this journey might turn into something more defined. Well no promises but until then I should get back to work and then eventually bed.

Good bye for now Bloggie

Love me

P.S. remember that time you stood in front of your grade 12 English class presenting your speech about your unique and obscure hometown then laughed at all of your jokes during the speech?
Please never do that again!

K thanks

P.P.S. to the one person at 4 am in 2047 that will discover this blog I am not going to reveal my identity just yet..... The name of my hometown would be a dead give away. So to that person decades from now finally reading it, thanks!

Until then, good night!