Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

My lease is up soon and I have begun to pack a few items at a time. Along with packing I am forced to reevalute the use value of all of my possessions because I am moving into a smaller space. I've even tackled my cupboard (singular because of lack of storage space in ghetto student housing) and dumped a lot of the contents into the compost bin. I can't wait to leave this cold basement. However, I will miss my colorful room that I painted yellow, turquoise, and magenta. Unfortunately, my landlord is making me paint over the wonderful colours. The next tenant will be bored stiff looking at the plain looking at the bare white walls with a few specks of light coming in from two little slits that are also referred to as windows.
The idea of painting my room came about because of sheer boredom. After moving out from home after this summer I forgot all of my lovely posters and had nothing to disguise the bland walls.
I don't don't know how I get myself into these things but deciding to paint your room two weeks into school is a difficult task to balance because of other time restraints related to academic deadlines. One night after coming home from the bar I opened a can of paint and painted until 5 am. During that time, I intoxicatedly lost my balance trying to squeeze in between my dresser and the wet yellow wall. Did I mention that I was only in my black underwear? That's right I now I have a black pair of panties with a yellow paint stripe across them.
Although, painting my bedroom was more of a daunting task than previously expected, it was a great opportunity to regain my independence after having a marvelous four months with my parents.
I'm almost dreading having to go buy paint that will eventually cover such the wonderful colours. It's like an ending to such a spectacular life as the colours filled my life with warmth this year. I will certainly grin and bare  painting but it will mark the ending of my school year leaving question of what next year will bring in my new apartment. 

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