Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Future Garden

I am currently in the library completing participation questions for the term for my online Ecotourism course. I found this website to calculate my ecological footprint and a question asked me this: 
"Do you have a garden or share one to grow your own vegetables and herbs?" Firstly, this question scares me and got me thinking about the future. Additionally, I had a flashback to where I de-hibrinated a snake from the ground when I while I was doing some gardening in the early spring many years back. As badly as I want a garden in the future, I also don't want to have to deal with the consequence of snakes. 
Last summer I dealt with my fear of snakes by avoiding them and ran when I saw one. It sounds like a band-aid solution as well as a immature solution however, it is an improvement from what my fear was like when I began my summer job. I was so terrified and consumed by the fear of snakes that while driving the Mule (an ATV) I would swerve the trail while driving on the trail. Then after being confronted by my mangers I roughed out my fear by basically hiding all of my real feeling and blocked them out by pretending I didn't see them. Although, the fear of snakes has subsided it hasn't fully dissipated as of yet.
When dreaming about my future garden I should envision myself in a tranquil state of mind however I am fearful of the possible snakes. Messed? Yes!
The bottomline is that I spend a great deal of time planning for my future as well as envisioning it. However, maybe I am too realistic and know that snakes will one day enter my garden too as they do now. Until then I should enjoy life as best as I can and not be anxious about snakes in a garden I may or may not have in the future. I mean really....

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