Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My First Blog In Eons


This is my first blog since that MSNspaces dealio that was popular when I was in grade nine. I doubt anyone will read this but at least I can have a personal online diary so I don't forget important memories. Currently it is 1:52 am of March 23 and should probably be in bed. Honestly what else should a girl be doing at this hour? I have been working on school work on and off for the last few hours but it must have been a calling from the universe that I have indeed found this website.
This already feels like a freeing and satisfying pastime and most likely will end up becoming a hobby of mine. Here is my plan for this post: I am not going to edit this one like I probably, normally would. I set up this blog thinger majiger so quickly that I have made it a mockery to legitimate and serious bloggers. I do not have a defined thesis or purpose to this blog but hey I will get better (maybe). I simply want to dive into this experiment head first and see where I end up. I don't have much of an opportunity to creatively write except when I am using some form of social networking. That counts right? FAIL.
To anyone of the the academic world I apologize for this mess in advance and maybe you should go read a copy of the New York Times because this rambling mess of a blog doesn't have a clear direction. However, if I continue to use this method of communication to post things maybe this journey might turn into something more defined. Well no promises but until then I should get back to work and then eventually bed.

Good bye for now Bloggie

Love me

P.S. remember that time you stood in front of your grade 12 English class presenting your speech about your unique and obscure hometown then laughed at all of your jokes during the speech?
Please never do that again!

K thanks

P.P.S. to the one person at 4 am in 2047 that will discover this blog I am not going to reveal my identity just yet..... The name of my hometown would be a dead give away. So to that person decades from now finally reading it, thanks!

Until then, good night!

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